Faults & Installations

If you have a fault on your line, you first need to contact your SP (service provider ). They will be able to test your line and identify if your fault is internal or external. The test equipment your SP uses to test your line is 95% accurate. So if they say the fault may be internal you have the opportunity to contact us. Regardless of who is your SERVICE PROVIDER, all faults are repaired by OPENREACH with the exception of cable faults which are repaired by VIRGIN MEDIA.

Did you know you are responsible for all your internal wiring and sockets in your house or office? If you damage a socket or internal cable accidentally or by workmen working on your behalf, or your socket is corroded  due to being in a damp place, you will be charged by your SP.

Gone are the days when you make the engineer a cup of tea and you are not charged for the work.


OPENREACH and VIRGIN MEDIA  are there to make money working on behalf of your service provider. The engineer will not tell you that you will be charged. They will advise you to contact your SP. You will just receive a bill from your SP. LETS TALK BROADBAND can test your line for you . If the fault is external this will be repaired for you FREE as part of your service agreement, unless you have damaged the cable yourself.

If the fault is internal we can quote you for the work while onsite (see our price list).

OPENREACH charge your service provider £99 + VAT for a call out, plus £55 + VAT per hour or part thereof, plus stores used.

This means that if your main socket is faulty or damaged, your service provider will be charged approximately £200 for 1 hour's work and they will pass the bill on to you!!